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  • Powdery mildew

Powdery Mildew in African Violets

Powdery Mildew on African Violets What it is, why it comes, and how to get rid of it! What is powdery mildew? Powdery mildew is a gray/white dust on the flower surface and/or leaves. It generally forms in patches and when [...]

  • Garden-Hat-African-Violet-LED-light-strips-rolls

African Violets: LED light strips VS regular grow lights

African Violets: LED light strips VS regular grow lights. In the good ol' days... I've grown African Violets under what I call, "regular" grow lights - fluorescent tubes, for years. In the late 70s, lighted in-door gardens were the "thing" and people [...]

  • air-layering-monstera-garden-hat

Air Layering A Plant

Air Layering A Plant As simple as it can get. You have a monsterous Monstera Deliciosa, aka Swiss cheese plant or sometimes called split leaf philodendron. Whatever you call it, when it gets big and the leaves are touching your ceiling, you want [...]

  • 1_ChristmasCactus_Pop_Bottle_Sip_Roots _Garden_Hat

Christmas Cacti Potting Up!

Christmas Cacti Potting Up! The best method to pot your christmas cacti to ensure they thrive. Back in June of last year, I had a number of Christmas Cacti (Shlumbergera) segments to strike. I had well over 20 segments that I potted up in the 2 [...]

  • Coral-Christmas-Cactus-Garden-Hat

Christmas Cacti Basics

Christmas Cacti Basics Sweet and short. Christmas cactus, Schlumbergera bridgessii Christmas Cacti are a very popular, winter-flowering houseplant that is very hardy and long-lived when given good care. Some people have kept them for ten years in a window indoors and they [...]

  • Garden Vegetables Grown in Sub-Irrigated Buckets

Part 4 – Sub-Irrigated Gardening Soap Box

The Basics of Sub-irrigated Planters SOAP BOX. Not to beat a dead horse, but... Soap Box. Not to beat a dead horse, but... I'm a simple person who seeks the simple things in life, gardening being at the core. I've done the tilling, the [...]

  • Plant-Fertilizer-Soil-Used-In-Kiddie-Pool-Planter_Garden-Hat

Part 3 – Plant Fertilizing Sub-irrigated Planters

The Basics of Sub-irrigated Planters Plant fertilizer and the sub-irrigated planter. Plant fertilizers - This is a HUGE subject but here's a basic tip. There are many schools of thought out there on this subject and for those of us who have been growing [...]

  • Tomato being grown in a Bucket SIP - Garden Hat

Part 2 – The Joy of Sub-irrigated Planters

The Basics of Sub-irrigated Planters Part 2 - The Joy of sub-irrigated planters The Joy of the Sub-irrigated planter I think the main point of a SIP is that it's "self-watering" or "sub-irrigated", however you want to look at it. The point is to [...]

  • Roots of a Pop Bottle SIP - Garden Hat

The Basics of Sub-irrigated Planters

The Basics of Sub-irrigated Planters SIPs, or sub-irrigated planters explained Self-irrigated planters or pots are a closed-loop, self contained system preventing the water waste that comes from conventional gardens. Those of us who are aware of this can't stop preaching about this! [...]