The Basics of Sub-irrigated Planters

Part 2 – The Joy of sub-irrigated planters

Garden Hat Sub-Irrigated Planters

The Joy of the Sub-irrigated planter

I think the main point of a SIP is that it’s “self-watering” or “sub-irrigated”, however you want to look at it. The point is to make sure the plant

growing in it has a reservoir of water available at all times, even if you are away for a few days.

We all have “stuff” going on in our lives. We work, take care of our family and homes, we have things to do! Most of us are not blessed with being able to stay at home all the time to be available to tend our plants and gardens…this is a “go-go-go” world and most of us have just so many hours in the day to get “stuff” done and doesn’t include (unfortunately) “puttering about” in the garden. Be a lovely world if it did, but…let’s get real!
So our plants, as much as we might love them, can be the unfortunate subject of neglect during an average week and plants in regular pots often suffer the consequences.

The absolute beauty of a SIP is, once you get the rhythm down of supplying the water TO the reservoir, the rest is done. You can safely walk away, return in a couple of days, and unless there are pests around, your plant should be just as happy as it was before! I have to admit, I haven’t visited my plant room for a day or even two on occasion, but when I did, the plants were just fine, no wilt, no dryness, no problem.

Now, I’m not saying to be blasae about your plantings just BECAUSE you have everything in SIPS…no, not at all! But we all get distracted from time to time and if we have been “good stewards” of our plants, the SIPS will keep them going if you have to “step away” for a day or so. Don’t sweat it.

Read about the basics in the first post here: The Basics of Sub-Irrigated Gardening

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