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A Garden Gem in Burlington, Wisconsin

A Garden Gem in Burlington, WI

For Mother’s Day, I went on a little road trip with my daughter. I like to get out and explore once and awhile. Get away from the computer. Especially with the weather finally being enjoyable. We decided to go for a little trip to Burlington, a nice little town about 22 miles south of us.


Burlington is situated in Racine and Walworth counties here in southern Wisconsin, with the majority of the city located in Racine County. The population is roughly about 11,000. Also dubbed, “Chocolate City” because of the Nestle Candy Factory. When you drive by, you smell the chocolate in the air!  It is a nice little place with Brown Lake and the Fox River winding through it. There, we found a lot of people out fishing and just enjoying the warmish weather. Temps yesterday were 70-ish, which was about 10-12 degrees warmer than at home. It-was-nice.

On our journey, we discovered a wonderful garden nursery out on 5205 Mormon Rd, south-west of the city. Burlington Garden Center.

I call it a “garden gem” because of the diversity of plants and rows of succulents. Many of which I hadn’t seen even at the bigger nurseries I’ve been to…and the prices were GREAT!

Inside their multiple greenhouses were rows upon rows of gorgeous blooming geraniums. Including Martha Washington varieties. Fuchsias in 4 inch pots that would make a great addition to hanging baskets or window boxes. They also did custom orders for hanging baskets and pouch gardens.

There were also huge selections of Coleus. Many of which were Proven Winner selections that, again, I hadn’t found in such quantities other places. Benches upon benches of these! There were begonias, tuberous and rhizomatous, all in bloom in such luscious colors. Almost made me snatch up a cartload and head to the checkout.

It’s a lovely place to go to, just for browsing or even to just sit next to the little area with the fountains and toy trains that run through the small garden out front. Complete with Thomas the Engine!  So, if you live in the area or within 20 or 30 miles, or you’re just out on a road trip some time, go visit and snap up some of the lovely plants they have and enjoy!

They have a blog to go check out as well!

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